HK Audio presents the new D2 models!

HK Audio is delighted to unveil PREMIUM PR:O D2, the next step in the evolution of HK Audio’s industry-leading, made-in-Germany PREMIUM PR:O family!

With improved key features and a striking, rugged new design, the seven new D2 models deliver the legendary pristine, clear and powerful PREMIUM PR:O sound that’s perfect for live stages, band rehearsal rooms, clubs, music bars, mobile DJ setups and much more.

HK Audio presents the new D2 models, which are the next generation of the flagship PREMIUM PR:O D series. The completely overhauled design, featuring a sturdy metal front grille, not only adds to the visual appeal of the successful models, but also gives the speaker the necessary protection during operation. The new MultiGrip handles make handling the speakers a breeze in any position and also facilitate professional rigging using the familiar HK Audio tilt brackets. The next-generation PREMIUM PR:O D2 also uses state-of-the-art DSP electronics with advanced FIR filtering for intuitive and practical operation. The characteristic, distortion-free sound of the PREMIUM PR:O series really shows its strengths when reproducing voices in live situations and minimizes listener fatigue, ensuring longer-lasting enthusiasm and attention from audiences.

Flexible all-rounders 

The new PREMIUM PR:O D2 series consists of five DSP-controlled full-range and multifunctional speakers, as well as the PR:O 210 Sub D2 and PR:O 118 Sub D2 basses. In line with the modular principle, the speakers can be combined flexibly for the most varied of requirements, from standalone, 2.1 and monitor setups to full-stack applications. These combination options make PREMIUM PR:O suitable for a wide range of installations where excellent speech intelligibility and transparent reproduction is required. 

Facts & features:

•       1,200-watt Class D bi-amping

•       Powerful DSP electronics with intuitive Plug ’n’ Play operation via preset selector

•       Tone controller for quick adjustment of the sound characteristics (music/speech)

•       FIR crossover with a slope of 48 dB per octave for better vertical dispersion

•       Custom-designed speaker

•       90° x 55° CD horn for wide dispersion and optimal sound

•       HK Audio MultiGrips, significantly improved handling in any position

•       New rigging option for the PR:O 112 FD2, 115 FD2 and 115 XD2 tops by fitting the TB-45N/TB-45NQ tilt brackets

•       Sturdy metal front grille with black acoustic foam backing

•       Low-resonance wooden cabinet for powerful bass reproduction and a maximum sound pressure of up to 132 dB

•       Compatible with PREMIUM PR:O legacy products (except 1x18” subwoofer)

•       5-year warranty (after registration)

•       Made in Germany (except PR:O 118 SUB D2)

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