Passive 1x18
Passive 1x18
Passive 1x18
Passive 1x18

L Sub 4000

Passive 1x18" subwoofer

Artno: 505365

15 529 kr. (inkl. moms)



L SUB 4000 is a powerful 18” double vented bandpass subwoofer. Compatible with all LINEAR 5 fullrange speakers and mid/high units, its powerful low end – ranging from 30 to 100 Hertz – is totally and powerfully impressive. L SUB 4000 A can also serve as a sub-low add-on to LINEAR SUB 2000 to beef up the bottom end when required (optional frequency separation). Filter presets are available for Lab.gruppen IPD and PLM 12K44 controllers.

- Dimensions (mm) : 910 x 510 x 810

- Finishing : Black

- Power : 1.200 W

- Speaker diameter : 18"

- Weight (kg) : 57 kg

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