Active 15


Active 15" 1200 watt multipurpose

Artno: 587922

11 969 kr. (inkl. moms)




Backed by our usual passion for perfect sound and high- quality workmanship, we have completely revised the successful LINEAR 5 series and upgraded it to the very latest technology, equipped it with new speakers and added innovative series elements that many customers have been longing for.

Professional bands and sound companies now not only have a reliable and high-performance everyday tool at their fingertips, but the extra power at a lower weight and access to digital optimisation take their daily work to a whole new level.

With a wide range of flexible mid/high units, powerful, cardioid-capable subwoofers, generously dimensioned Class-D power amps of the latest generation and the integrated DSP CONTROL via Ethernet connection, the new LINEAR 5 MK II series offers versatile, future-proof, economical solutions and intelligent extensions to existing systems. Wide-range power supplies ensure reliable, worldwide use.

The new hybrid enclosures made of birch multiplex and MDF are lighter and make handling easier and more efficient.

This is a great advantage in times when truck space and sustainability are important factors. Reduced dimensions combined with higher performance guarantee more flexibility even with constantly changing requirements.

HK Audio is committed to “Made in Germany”. In addition to the precision of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, a considerable amount of skilled manual work and attention to detail goes into every single component.


Powerful Class-D power amps

• Flexible, easy-to-configure mid/high units with presets selectable directly on the speaker for configuration as a stage monitor or system speaker

• Full-range mid/high unit with larger enclosure volume, more sound pressure in the low-frequency range in standalone mode, bass boost preset and narrower dispersion for possible clustering

• Powerful bass reflex subwoofers with stereo preamplifiers and cardioid presets

• DSP platform with modern network technology for remote control and DSP Out for integrating speakers and power amps without own DSP support

• Robust, durable and acoustically optimised wooden enclosure

• Comprehensive features for ease of handling, rigging and mounting

options suitable for live performances

• Made in Germany

- Bluetooth : No

- Cutaway : Yes

- DSP : Yes

- Dimensions (mm) : 450 x 685 x 420

- EQ : 10 channels

- Finishing : Black

- Mixer : No

- Powered : Yes

- Speaker diameter : 15"

- Tweeter : [specstech_tweeter_1_7]

- Weight (kg) : 27,60 kg

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