57 Classic (Zebra, 2-conductor)
57 Classic (Zebra, 2-conductor)
57 Classic (Zebra, 2-conductor)
57 Classic (Zebra, 2-conductor)


57 Classic (Zebra, 2-conductor)

Artno: 591843

1 099 kr. (inkl. moms)



Introduced in 1990, the '57 Classic provides warm, full tone with a balanced response, packing that classic Gibson Patent Applied For humbucker™ crunch. They are made to the same specs as the originals, including Alnico 2 magnets, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, maple spacers, and vintage-style, two-conductor braided wiring. The ’57 Classic humbucker features balanced coils for a smoother, creamier tone and excellent hum cancelation. The pickups are also wax potted to remove all internal air space and any chance of microphonic feedback.

Position: Any

Magnet: Alnico 2

Wiring: 2-Conductor

Cover: None


Wax Potted

Average DC Resistance: 8K

Details: Vintage vibes with rich, warm tones and balanced coils.

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