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498T - "Hot Alnico" (Treble, Double Black, Chrome cover, 4-conductor

Artno: 591832

959 kr. (inkl. moms)



A high-output version of the 490T, Gibson's 498T humbucker™ combines the more powerful response of an Alnico 5 magnet with additional balanced windings on each coil, which puts the emphasis on the pickup's upper midrange frequencies for enhanced crunch and sustain. The 498T is perfect for any hard rock application, easily overdriving amplifiers for a beefy, sizzling output that boosts any guitar's power and presence.

The pole pieces on the 498T are also aligned a little further apart to accommodate the spacing of the strings at the bridge, which is different than the spacing of the strings at the neck. This aids in producing powerful leads and thick rhythm without sacrificing single-note definition. The 498T features shielded, four-conductor wiring for series, parallel, or split coil operation and is fully wax potted to eliminate any chance of microphonic feedback.

Position: Bridge

Magnet: Alnico 5

Wiring: 4-Conductor

Cover: None

Double Black Bobbins

Wax Potted

Average DC Resistance: 14.2K

Details: High output, enhanced mids and highs.

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