11-50 Brite Wire 'Reinforced' Electric Guitar Strings Medium


11-50 Brite Wire 'Reinforced' Electric Guitar Strings Medium

Artno: 591891

109 kr. (inkl. moms)



Medium Gauge: .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .050

Developed and approved by our Master Luthiers, Gibson Brite Wires are the factory specification strings used at the Gibson USA facility. These strings feature a high-carbon steel, hex-shaped core precision-wound with nickel-plated steel, providing unmatched durability and powerful tone. Discover the superior sustain and bright, crisp attack that is suitable for nearly any playing style.

High-carbon steel core for superior durability

Nickel-plated steel wound for powerful tone and sustain

Developed and approved by Gibson Master Luthiers

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