Analog compressor pedal


Analog compressor pedal

Artno: 588197

2 269 kr. (inkl. moms)



Made In UK!

A principal use of any good compressor is an effect to smooth out and level the dynamic range from the instrument. Whilst most modern bass amplifiers are equipped with a much-simplified version of this type, some lack this key feature.

Designed to make your bass sound silky smooth, The Ashdown Velvet Compressor is a stunning, well-rounded compressor pedal.

- Category : Bass Compressor

- Dimensions (mm) : 64 x 108 x 121

- Format : Pedal

- Inputs : Jack

- Outputs : Jack

- Power supply : DC 18 V

- Power supply included : No

- Technology : Analog

- True bypass : Yes

- Weight (kg) : 0,60 kg

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